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‘Clearance Sale’ Releases This Weekend?

Is the last Friday in the month of February a very auspicious one? Because many Telugu movies are releasing on 26th February. Although none of them carry any big expectations, seven films are trying their luck this weekend. 

The prominent movie among the releases is Adivi Sesh, Anasuya and Adah Sharma starrer “Kshanam” which has generated good buzz thanks to its interesting trailer. 

The other movie that has made some noise is “Padasave” as the film is being promoted by Akkineni Nagarjuna. He has been giving interviews to the media as part of its promotions.

Among the other five movies there is a ghost thriller called “Veeri Veeri Gummadi Pandu” and a comedy movie titled “Eluka Majaka”. Srikanth who has lost market as lead hero is testing his luck again with the new movie “Terror”. 

Then there is a dubbed movie called “Yamapasham” starring Jayam Ravi. “Rajugarintlo 7va Roju” is also releasing on Feb 26th. 

Although it is overcrowded at ticket window, hardly any of these will be able to bring in crowds to the theatres. This rush seems like ‘clearance sale’ at a shop.

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