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10 Reasons you should be using DailyTop by now !!

DailyTop APP link for android usersDailyTop is an APP which has made its position among the top 10 News APP in just few days of its launch. Here is the reason why you should get it right now if you don’t have it already.

1.Knowledge is power- Sir Francis Bacon

We all know in today’s fast moving world what part having knowledge plays. Knowing various stuff is now more like a need then a will or want.



2.Stay updated with the latest stories

Ever happened to you that the world is talking about some issues and you wonder why you don’t know?


Well with the latest news/stories/images you can stay updated with what’s going on in the world. Not only DailyTop gives you the latest update but you can custom select the channels you like. With easy one click channel subscription option, you have all the articles you like.


3.Impress your friends and people around you

With the information you have in your mobile through this tiny APP you can impress a lot of people. DailyTop brings to you all the information under the sky and beyond.



4. Hassle free reading

Smooth reading experience and a clear interface equipped with interactive settings, pictures and short summary- even before you open an article. The idea is to give you as much information as possible in a jiffy.



5.Favorite the article you like

By doing it the article will get saved and your can create your own list of favorites. That means you don’t have to worry about losing the content you like. You can also use this feature as read it later.


6.For You

This APP filters the content for you as per your choices, interests and reading habits. This means that not only you can read all the articles but DailyTop will customize articles just for you in its ForYou section.


7.Your personalized avatar

You can login through Facebook, twitter, g+ or email id. You can modify the settings and personalize according to your style. Yes DailyTop gives you the liberty to do so. And why not? After all, the APP is for you.


8.User satisfaction 

It is the prime motive of our APP. To provide you the best because you deserve the best, and it is the reason why DailyTop team work so hard. We care for you.



9.Voice your opinion, comment, share, like or dislike

Your opinion matters to us, to the society, to the world we are living in. Bring the change with putting your points upfront. Don’t keep it in, let it out and make it heard.



10.The new you

Here comes the new you, the smarty in town using DailyTop. Go ahead and roll. Learn and grow everyday with DailyTop APP

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Thank you for reading it and your feedback is important to us. Write to us if you have any problem or something you want to add/change or if you just let us know that you are enjoying the app



Download the APP-

Click here for android users

Click here for iPhone users



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  1. Sounds like an usefull app indeed, so sad I cannot install it here in Germany

  2. Funny article yet very informative.. sure i am getting the app

  3. This is really a good app. It is keeping me update about whats happening around the world. So happy to use this app. Well Done..!!

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